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02 Dec The Key Colour Forecast for Fall/Winter 2023-24
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Dusty Red. The dusty and desert landscape of Mars. A great red update is related to space exploration, it stands for a dusty Mars red - the key colour for fall/winter 2023/24 season. Grey Green. Spend..
19 Oct The Athleisure Trend
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These are the athleisure trends we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2024. Athleisure is arguably the fastest growing clothing category in fashion, driven by wellness aspirations and celebrity endorsement on..
13 Apr DESIGN direction forecast for Fall 2024
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MILANESE STYLE. The style can be easily recognized for their industrious quality, their practical yet elegant attire, their sober, timeless style. A Milanese term for the typical city lady. The leathe..
14 Oct The Gilded Age Style. The Corset’s evolution.
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The Gilded Age has inspired main fashion trends in huge ways for many seasons so far. The Gilded Age influenced the last three decades of the nineteenth century (roughly 1870-1900). The Corset was a s..
14 Mar The Key Colour Forecast for Fall/Winter 2025-26
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The gentle sky-blue shade wraps you in warmth and happiness, like a cozy hug from the past. It's that familiar "analog" tone that takes you on a nostalgic journey, bringing back cherished memories. Wh..
16 Mar Wıne Berry Blush .The Key Color Forecast for Fall/Winter 2025-26. Fashion Trend Forecasting.
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Color experts named Wıne Berry Blush the best shade of 2025! Imagine a mysterious, luxurious shade that looks like a mixture of deep red and black, somewhere between burgundy and cherry red. Wıne Berr..
19 Mar Tropical Sunset.The Key Color for Fall/Winter 2025-26.
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Tropical Sunset color embodies a fleeting neon essence infused with dynamic and artificial attributes. In an era marked by heightened climate concerns and a planet on high alert, this AI-inspired hue ..
21 Mar Electric Blue Frontier. The Key Color for Fall/Winter 2025-26. Fashion Trend Forecasting. Part 4
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Let's shine a spotlight on the Color of the Year 2025. A combination of blue and purple, creating a mysterious and alluring atmosphere. It's like being on a twilight adventure!Color brings a whole new..
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