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Fashion Trend Forecasting platform for Designers


What is Fashion Trend Forecasting?

A field  that  revolves around predicting the future of a market. Trend forecasters work using data from past sales to anticipate future  opportunities. Fashion Forecasting is thus predicting upcoming fashion trends: colours, styles, fabrics and more.. Fashion Forecasters produce trend reports. Long Term trend forecasting has to do with Macro trends that will be relevant for 5 + years and these are big picture trends - Mega trends. Short Term forecasting has to do with Micro trends: 1-2 years in the future. Short term forecasts change from season and literally have to do with colour, style, runaway analysis, current events, pop culture. Trend Reports that  report on colour direction, textiles, prints, silhouettes, styles, focusing on specific section of  fashion 18 to 24 months in advance of each season.

The Baerro -Trend Forecasting platform was founded by I.Makridis-Fashion Designer/Trend Forecaster. Awarded with TI Professional Qualification of Associateship (CText ATI) from the Textile Institute (Manchester, UK). is an accessible fashion trend forecasting platform for designers, merchandisers, company owners to develop new fashion line; to plan the general  fashion direction for the coming season (seasonal themes, apparel items, accessories to be designed; colours and fabrics to be used) regarding consumer preferences. Baerro Fashion Trend Forecasting platform provides an overview of the season, including the following information about factors influencing trends; key design specifications, patterns, styling, fabrics, colour palette which provide  a clear explanation of the seasonal themes. Designers usually start creating product-concepts for a new season one year prior to the actual selling season. Thus, for apparel retailers knowing what customers will want to wear next season is much more than just helpful information - it’s essential for success. provides with overviewRunway analysis; Seasonal theme direction( mood board, colour palette, fabrics, prints &graphics, silhouette inspiration, design elements, accessories); Seasonal Denim theme direction( mood board, colour palette, denim washes,surface; experimental cutting; innovative ideas for denim; design elements); Seasonal Design direction.